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Many years have passed since the first Holstein came to Edaleen Dairy. Established in 1975 by Ed and Aileen Brandsma, the dairy started as a small family business. As you can see, the name came from combining ‘Ed and Aileen’.

Diligence and work ethic have led the dairy operation to evolve throughout the years. Edaleen now encompasses more than 80 employees. Edaleen now has the facilities to raise and milk its own cows. Today the dairy’s herd has grown to more than 2,500 milking Holstein cows. This is the result of much hard work and love from the animals.

In addition to raising and milking our own cows, Edaleen has established a dairy plant where the processing and distribution of its milk and ice cream take place.

Edaleen Dairy has convenience stores located in Lynden, Washington and Sumas, Washington, which offer fresh premium ice cream, milk, whipping cream, as well as other ‘convenience’ products, such as butter, eggs, and cheese, to local customers.

Edaleen Dairy will continue to process through the application of experience, new ideas and technology.